How do I Install Switch HD TV Stick?

Before you start:

    • Ensure that your screen is turned off
    • Ensure that the air mouse has been charged for at least 2 hours

Setting up your Switch HD TV Stick:

    1. Connect HDMI cable to Switch HD TV Stick.
    2. Connect power cable to Switch HD TV Stick.
    3. Insert Air Wand Receiver into USB input on your Switch HD TV Stick.
    4. Connect HDMI cable to screen’s HDMI input.
    5. Connect USB power cable to USB input on screen, or to direct power, using the wall plug. Minimum 1 amp required.
    6. Turn your screen on and select the HDMI channel.
    7. Connect your Switch HD TV Stick to Wifi.
    8. Log into Play Store
    9. Do a speed test. Your PING needs to be below 100. Minimum line speed 4mbps ADSL. Suggested is 10mbps for best viewing.
    10. Test watching a #movie, #series or #LiveTV.
    11. If you need a little help, remember all customers receive 1 free TeamViewer session.
    12. Enjoy infinite entertainment. #movies; #series; #liveTV
What is available to watch on Switch?
  • Movies and series (Hollywood, Bollywood and International). Stay logged into the Google Play store and your device will be updated every 2 hours.
  • Live TV (including all sporting events e.g. rugby, football, cricket, tennis, golf, F1, Moto G.P and a whole host of other live sports events)
Do I need the internet? What is the line speed I should have?

Yes, you do. You need:

  • 4mbps ADSL  (Minimum)
  • Suggested is 10mbps for best viewing
Does it only work with WIFI?

No, it doesn’t. Should you prefer a wired connection, we sell USB expanders with an ethernet port. For pricing and more information, please click on

Why should I choose Switch HD TV Stick over other TV boxes?
  • Switch is South African company
  • ICASA certified
  • 1 year guarantee
  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • Free installation
  • Plug and play
  • Great after sales service
How much of data will I use?
  • Live Tv (uses about 300mb per hour)
  • Movies (Depends on quality, Between 500mb to 7gig)
  • Series (Depends on quality, Between 200mb to 1g)
What TV will Switch work on?

Switch HD TV Stick will work on any TV or Monitor with an HDMI port

How many TV’s does the Switch work off?

Your Switch HD TV Stick only works off one TV set.

Is Switch compatible with DStv, Netflix, and Showmax?

Yes, it is. Our technical support team is standing by to assist you. Call us on 0828992775 Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, or on Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm. Public holidays from 10am to 2pm.