Air Mouse C2

air mouse c2 wireless remote

Air Mouse C2 – QWERTY Keyboard with Gyroscope. IR Learning Function. Compatible for Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Specifications: 2.4 Ghz Wireless with Nano USB Receiver. Air Mouse with Anti-Vibration Technology. QWERTY Keyboard, support Multi Platforms. Remote Control Specially Designed for Android Devices. With Rechargeable Li-ion Battery. Shop now https://switchtoswitch.co.za/shop/air-mouse-c2/ Plug and play. Switch […]

What do I do when my screen gets stuck?

reset switch hd stick

You will need to reset your Switch. How to Reset Your Switch Please follow steps below. Please note you require a pc (windows). Step 1: Download files (Switch has Red Light download 1,2,3) || Blue Light (1,4,5) || Android 4.4 (1,3,6) 1.1 drive.google.com/open?id=1y8wdxBJtLM27BHGJohXo66PZbjA9hzxl (Drivers Red Light) 1.2 drive.google.com/open?id=1NTDuEXVyPvbTYdpMmxeROiOI4F5cCZcn (v6 Firmware – Red Light) 1.3 drive.google.com/open?id=1WrJXPyK2wycROS0epnSBeuNNkF9P_W_5 […]

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Switch HD TV stick apps – Infinite Entertainment

Switch HD TV stick apps

Finally, a product that is simple to use and allows you access to infinite entertainment. Say ‘hello’ to Switch HD TV Stick. Switch HD TV stick apps, install your favourite apps from the Google Play Store including: YouTube, Facebook, Google Services, Netflix and so much more. Get access to music, movies, series, games, web browser, […]